About Aric


Our Home Town Boy

Growing up on a family farm, Aric Nesbitt learned the lessons of community and hard work. Aric's family makes the sixth generation of farmers in Van Buren County. As a 'farm boy', Aric quickly learned the values of hard work, spending his 'free time' bailing hay, tying grapes, and milking cows before he was old enough to drive.

Growing up on the farm meant responsibility, and if Aric and his brothers wanted to take the car to school they needed to get up at 5:30 to do morning chores. Growing up in a farm family of five children you had to pull together and work as a team to complete the job, whether it is in the milking parlor, the vineyard, or in the fields. No complaints. Just part of life growing up on a small family farm – making sure the job is done well and putting in long hours to get it done became part of Aric's character.

Today, Aric's parents still manage the farm and his youngest sister, Angel, is working in the dairy and his oldest brother Andy continues to work the fields.

Fighting for Southwest Michigan’s Hardworking Taxpayers

working to make a differenceAs Michigan continues to face economic challenges, Aric has been working tirelessly as our State Representative to reform state government, the budget process, taxes, and regulations. For too long the state has been strangled by a lack of leadership and since being elected in 2010, Aric has stepped up and worked to balance the budget, eliminate over 400 regulations, and pay down the state’s debt to make a better, brighter future for our children and grandchildren.



Serving our Community

As our state Representative he has proven to be accessible and accountable to the taxpayers of Southwest Michigan. He is somebody who believes it is important to listen and learn from his constituents, while being accountable by to explain his votes and legislative efforts. He has responded to thousands of constituent email, letters, and phone calls on legislative issues, while helping hundreds of our neighbors cut through the bureaucratic redtape in Lansing. Always looking for ways to improve communications and customer service with us has been a hallmark of Aric’s tenure.

Serving Southwest Michigan

Chairing the Energy and Technology Subcommittee on Natural Gas provided an opportunity to explore policies to encourage Michigan energy production, grow jobs, and provide cost savings for our families’ heating and electric bills. As Vice-Chair of the Government Operations Committee, he helped push through reforms that made government more efficient and effective and save hardworking taxpayers’ dollars.

He also serves on the Education and Tax Policy Committee, helping pass reforms that encourage accountability in education and performance in the classroom, along with tax reform that cuts taxes, encourages job creation, and makes the tax code more flat, fair, and efficient.

Aric’s top priority is to continue to make Michigan the premier place for families to live and businesses to grow and locate.

After several years of tax increases, wasteful spending, and ever expanding budgets by the status quo in Lansing, Aric made the tough decisions to balance the budget, stand up to the big spending crowd, and start paying down Michigan’s debt.

Aric knows we can continue to build a better future for our children and grandchildren by making decisions that will make our state stronger than the one we inherited from our parents. But it won't be easy. It will require continued hard-work, good decisions and strong leadership that is willing to stand up for the people. Aric is up for the challenge.


  • Grew up south of Lawton on a six-generation farm
  • Graduate of Lawton Community High School
  • Attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Graduate with a Bachelors in Economics degree from Hillsdale College
  • Staff member for former State Senator Tom George
  • Obtained a Masters in International Business
  • Worked as a taxpayer advocate fighting for lower taxes and more government transparency
  • Served as the lead Republican staff person on the bi-partisan Steel Caucus and Natural Gas Caucus working to increase American manufacturing and create new jobs through more American energy production.
  • Elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2010


  • Van Buren, Allegan, and Kalamazoo County Republican Party
  • Van Buren County Farm Bureau
  • Greater Paw Paw Chamber of Commerce
  • South Haven Chamber of Commerce
  • Hartford Chamber of Commerce
  • National Rifle Association
  • South Haven Steelheaders
  • Friends of the Van Buren District Library

  1. BulletOur Home Town Boy

  2. BulletWorking to Make a Difference

  3. BulletFighting for Taxpayers and Michigan Jobs

  4. BulletReady to Serve Southwest Michigan

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