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“…Nesbitt has been an effective advocate for the 66th, and has earned a reputation as a good listener and knowledgeable legislator. In our opinion, Nesbitt deserves re-election.”

Kalamazoo Gazette Editorial Endorsement, 10/14

“Nesbitt is knowledgeable on the issues and in how to work with like-minded colleagues on a strategy to overcome opposition goals. Though Nesbitt is young, he has a background in lawmaking and depth of knowledge that his opponents can’t match.

“Nesbitt has worked extensively in government and should not have any trouble finding a platform from which to challenge the entrenched policies that have helped turn Michigan into a failing state.”

The Herald-Palladium Endorsement Editorial (6/10)

“Aric Nesbitt understands and is a proven leader to barriers that hinder job growth and business expansion. He is pro-jobs, pro-business, and pro-taxpayer.”

Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

“Job providers are proud to support Aric Nesbitt because he understands the issues important to small business. With his focus on putting Michigan back to work, we will continue to create an entrepreneurial economy in Michigan.”

Rob Fowler, President and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan

“Farmers care about Michigan’s future and so does Aric Nesbitt. Aric Nesbitt has been tireless in his efforts to help reform state government and fix Michigan’s budget problems, and he is committed to helping agriculture succeed for the good of Michigan’s economy and the quality of life of the families who live here. Aric Nesbitt is the type of common-sense leader Michigan needs.”

Sarah Black, Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPAC Endorsement

“Residents will benefit from the continued efforts of state legislators, like Nesbitt, who understand how local communities are impacted by legislation.”

Michigan Township Association Endorsement

“Small businesses face many challenges and Aric Nesbitt works every day to remove the barriers that hinder job growth and Michigan’s economic comeback. He is knowledgeable, accessible and has supported policies that have helped Michigan businesses create over 286,000 new private jobs. Let’s keep Aric on the job!”

David C. Rhoa, Small Business Owner (Mattawan)

“On behalf of our over 12,000 law enforcement employees throughout the State, we are pleased to endorse Aric Nesbitt for State Representative. We know he is committed to protecting the safety of both our members and the residents of Michigan. Additionally, Aric’s commitment to his community, his leadership, and his experience in government makes him the clear choice for State Representative…”

Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) Endorsement

“Aric Nesbitt has proven to deliver real results to small business owners and homeowners by zeroing in on job creation, by lowering taxes, balancing budgets, paying down debt, and investing in education.”

Friends of Housing Endorsement

“Aric Nesbitt is a strong partner as we work together to create policies to make Michigan the best place to work, live, and raise a family. His top priorities continue to be job creation, fixing our roads, improving education and paying down debt so our children are not burdened with the bills of their parents. His strong character and work ethic will continue to serve Van Buren and Kalamazoo County well.”

Senator Tonya Schuitmaker (Lawton)

“Working with Aric has proven fruitful for the South Haven area as we continue to invest in our community. He has delivered real results for us by helping secure funding for road, bridge, trail, and revitalization projects. I am proud to continue to support him as he supports our community.”

Mayor Bob Burr (South Haven)

“I have known Aric Nesbitt for years, and his commitment and dedication to our area is unparalleled. Michigan will continue to benefit by his principled leadership. Aric has the experience, integrity, and work ethic necessary to be our effective representative.”

Mike Henry, Van Buren County Commission (South Haven)

“Aric Nesbitt continues to deliver real results for Southwest Michigan making Michigan a better place to create jobs, raise a family, and creating a better future for our children.”

Beth Griffin, Commissioner, Van Buren County (Mattawan)

“Aric Nesbitt is an extremely effective legislator delivering results for Southwest Michigan. He has the unique ability to face challenges head on and craft solutions to make our state government more effective and efficient. Additionally, Aric’s listening skills, experience and leadership serve us well in efforts to move Michigan back into a leadership position for businesses and employment.”

Mary Balkema, Treasurer, Kalamazoo County

“Aric Nesbitt has the principles, integrity, and right ideas to make government live within its means without a tax increase and help small businesses create jobs and compete. His leadership to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax, over 2,000 regulations, and balance Michigan’s budget on time is paying dividends as we grow jobs in our area.”

Stan & Cindy Compton, Small Business Owner (South Haven)

“With deep family farming roots in our community, Aric Nesbitt is unmatched in his depth of understanding of agricultural issues and as our state Representative his work with family farmers to grow and prosper in Michigan is much appreciated.”

Tim and Debbie Hood, Dairy Farmers (Paw Paw)

“Aric Nesbitt is responsive, accessible, and most importantly caring. He is always available to answer questions and help someone in need. Seniors have a friend with Aric.”

Joyce Harris, Retiree (Paw Paw)

“Aric Nesbitt has been an excellent representative as he has the skills required to solve Michigan’s toughest problems. He is someone with integrity, fortitude and communication skills.”

Mary Ann Middaugh, State Representative, 1998-2004 (Paw Paw)

“Aric Nesbitt understands what it means to be a representative. He works hard to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to serve his district. Aric is the leader we still need to keep Michigan moving forward!”

Dr. Carl Druskovich, Dentist, Farmer & Hamilton Township Supervisor (Decatur)

“I have been impressed with Aric Nesbitt’s dedication and commitment to our area and readiness to work to improve our education system. Aric has the legislative experience to get things done and will continue to provide the high quality representation Southwest Michigan deserves.”

Bryan Cronenwett, School Board Member & Farmer (Lawton)

“Aric Nesbitt has the work ethic and depth of understanding to tackle Michigan’s most pressing issues.”

Cleo Miller, Small Business Owner (South Haven)

“Small businesses face many challenges and Aric Nesbitt works everyday to remove those barriers blocking job growth. He is knowledgeable, accessible and has supported policies that have helped Michigan create over 286,000 new private jobs. Let’s keep Aric on the job!”

David Rhoa, Small Business Owner (Mattawan)

A few others supporting Aric Nesbitt:

Tonya Schuitmaker, State Senator

Margaret O’Brien, State Representative

Mike Bedford, Van Buren County Proscutor

Karen Makay, Van Buren County Treasurer

Joe Parman, Van Buren Co. Drain Commissioner

Donald Gilchrist, Van Buren Co. Surveyor

Paul DeYoung, Van Buren Co. Registrar of Deeds

Mary Balkema, Kalamazoo County Treasurer

Dick Godfrey, Chair, Van Buren Co Commission

Beth Griffin, Van Buren County Commissioner

Don Hanson, Van Buren County Commissioner

Susan Hammond, Van Buren Co. Commissioner

Dick Freestone, Van Buren County Commissioner

J. Mike Toth, Van Buren County Commissioner

Mike Henry, Van Buren County Commissioner

Dan Ruzick, Antwerp Township Supervisor

Jacque Phillippe, Arlington Township Supervisor

Regina Hoover, Bangor Township Supervisor

Jeff Sorensen, Cooper Township Supervisor

Nancy Ann Whaley, Geneva Township Supervisor

Carl Druskovich, Hamilton Township Supervisor

Bill Kays, Keeler Township Supervisor

Ron Sefcik, Hartford Township Supervisor

Ken Barnett, Lawrence Township Supervisor

Dave Richardson, Paw Paw Township Supervisor

Ross Stein, South Haven Township Supervisor

Ted Johnson, Mayor of Hartford

Carol Johnson, Mayor of Gobles

Dave Cornish, President, Village of Lawton

Bob Burr, Mayor of South Haven

Plus many more of your friends and neighbors